Security tests

Cybersecurity tests can help identify deficiencies in your ICT security in a timely manner, and will help meet requirements imposed on systems and companies by legislation or security standards.
Security tests
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How it works?

Scope of work plan
On the basis of the information you provide combined with our experience, we will put together a recommended scope of testing, a plan for conducting it, and other necessary parameters and activities.
Performing security tests
We can carry out tests during your organization’s full and regular operation, or in predefined time windows so that potential impacts on your operation are ruled out.
Written report
When everything is over, we will prepare a written report on IT security in your company, will provide data for inclusion in your analytical tools, and we will go over it with you.
Security tests

Vulnerability tests
Their purpose is to find any possible deficiencies in your systems that a potential attacker could exploit. These tests are suitable for any organization.
Penetration tests
These are tests that are carried out on organizations with more advanced security that want to verify the overall cyber protection of their systems.
Traffic analysis
A probe is placed in an organization’s environment which passively monitors and seeks out the symptoms of ongoing attacks or the unwanted behavior of applications or users.
Security tests

Our partners

We provide security testing through our partnership with Tenable, whose technology is at the forefront of vulnerability testing, network traffic analysis and penetration testing, including interpretation and test results scoring.

We offer security tests in cooperation with our sister company, Next Generation Security Solutions s.r.o.

Security tests

Who are security tests useful for?

In addition to state administration and local government, they are useful for companies such as:

  • Operators of transport systems and monitoring centers
  • Pharmaceutical producers with validated and non-validated production systems
  • Medical facilities with hospital, laboratory, radiological and other information systems
  • and medical technology
  • Manufacturing companies with a high degree of automation and OT, focused primarily on food and petrochemical production, engineering and automotive
  • Energy production and distribution companies
  • Property management and developers

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