Service Desk and Reporting

The Service Desk acts as a central point for receiving client requests and keeping uniform records. Our team of experienced administrators will provide you with direct and effective resolution of up to 80% of requests remotely. A primary benefit, and one that often sets us apart from our competition, is direct contact with the Service Desk administrators, who are able to start solving requests immediately.
Service Desk and Reporting
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How it works?

Service Desk 24/7 operation
Experienced administrators will resolve most incidents during the first contact with the client.
Single Point of Contact (SPOC)
You can enter your requests by phone, web application or simply by writing an e-mail. You select the method according to your own preferences.
There’s no need to worry
We monitor the resolution of your request and provide regular graphic reports on how contractual SLAs are being fulfilled.
Service Desk and Reporting

We’re here to help

Web application: 
TS Hotline: +420 270 002 800

We will always keep you informed on the resolution of your requests.

Service Desk and Reporting

Service Desk application support

The Service Desk team uses a user-friendly web-based Help Desk application to provide effective and secure remote IT support operations. It serves as the central register of all requests and, thanks to the direct integration of the HelpDesk with the Zabbix monitoring tool, you can rest assured that all reported events will be thoroughly investigated and recorded.

The Service Desk uses remote IT administration tools to resolve requests, including access to the central database of access accounts, thus meeting stringent IT security requirements.

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