Asset Management

With us managing your assets, you’ll gain an overview and control over the material and non-material assets in your organization.
Asset Management
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How it works?

We map current technical assets in the organization.
We define the processes and life cycle of your assets.
We regularly monitor and evaluate the status of your assets.
Asset Management

Hardware and Software Summary
Inventory, asset records, a summary of the equipment and software licenses used in your company.
Simplified Asset Management
Solve everything related to an asset’s life cycle in the organization in one package. Automating the change process increases asset efficiency and reduces the error rate of current data.
24/7 support
We provide expert support in all phases of the asset management implementation cycle – before its start, during implementation and after its completion. We will also supply you with all necessary licenses and training.
Asset Management

Device Overview

Asset management enables the easy management of technical assets from one place. At any given moment, you have information available about who is using which asset, what condition the device is in and where it is located.

You can also display a summary of assets entrusted to users, a list of devices in a given department, or a list of all repairs and revisions to a specific type of asset.

Asset Management

Monitor Your Devices

When an organization has a rapidly developing environment, it becomes more difficult to keep track of company assets. Administrators may not be aware of new devices on the network, and those devices may pose a potential risk of attack. An attacker may exploit a vulnerability, get into the network and cause damage to an organization (outages of critical systems, data leakage and so on).

Asset management lets you monitor the life cycle of every device in your organization from one place. This gives you an overview of the condition of the device, who is responsible for it and where it is located.

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