Endpoint equipment

We can help you define a suitable strategy for acquiring and operating IT endpoint equipment (notebooks, workstations or virtual machines).
If you already have a solution but it isn’t easy to manage, we’re happy to help.
Endpoint equipment
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How it works?

Environment analysis
Discussion with the client’s responsible person, environment audit
Standards definition
Design of a strategy for operating endpoint equipment and design of a management model for existing solutions
Deployment of solutions and management of IT environments
Our experience shows that 85% of IT management can be implemented remotely
Endpoint equipment

Workstations, laptops, virtual stations

In the case of endpoint equipment, we go for quality in the form of proven brands such as Lenovo, HP and Dell.

Has your time come for VDI? We know how to do it. We keep up with IT trends and are able to recommend the appropriate implementation of IT solutions and central operations management of virtual stations for your business.

Endpoint equipment

Cybersecurity of mobile phones and tablets

Nowadays we the devices in our pockets have similar performance to a workstation or a laptop. Make sure your mobile phones and tablets have the same strong cybersecurity protection as your computers. Thanks to our long-term experience with MDM (mobile device management) systems, we’re ready to help and make sure that the loss of a mobile phone is just a loss of the price of the device.

With MDM, there’s also no need to worry about employees’ BYOD (bring your own device).

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