IoT (Internet of Things) security

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a fast-growing technology segment.

When we work with you, you’ll respond effectively to attacks, abuses and other security events, and you’ll also be able to effectively prevent, evaluate and resolve them. The security of industrial and service technologies (OT, or operational technology) is closely related to IoT. We’re also able to provide technical consultations and services in the information security management process.
IoT (Internet of Things) security
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How it works?

Analysis of the current status
We audit all technology layers – industrial components, sensors, edge devices and data processing systems.
Design of information security management process
Process security and compliance with security standards is the basis of the safe deployment of industrial technology management and IoT systems.
Information management process implementation
On the basis of a security audit and process design, we will perform a risk analysis and make subsequent recommendations.
IoT (Internet of Things) security

Restoring operations
We know how to restore operations for insufficiently secured systems taken offline by an attack. We will prepare formalized processes for handling security incidents.
Comprehensive security for the Internet of Things
We offer a complete range of services and products in IoT security and other areas of IT, OT and industrial and service systems.
Security audit
We provide security architect and security audit services both for entire systems and for individual devices.
IoT (Internet of Things) security

Cyberphysical security

Security for the Internet of Things isn’t just traditional cyber protection, but represents a mix of cybersecurity and other technological areas. It deals not only with data, servers and network infrastructure, but also with direct or distributed monitoring and the control of physical systems connected to the internet.

What distinguishes IoT security from traditional cyber protection is cyberphysical security. The digital control of physical processes is what makes security for the Internet of Things unique.

IoT (Internet of Things) security

Through scanning and mapping, we can reveal Internet of Things devices directly or wirelessly conne

  • ​the scanning and mapping of equipment connected directly or wirelessly connected to a network
  • attacks on protocols, encryption and key management
  • attacks on the OS and application layer
  • eavesdropping or spoofing communication
  • jamming and other forms of DOS
  • physical attacks on devices

We can provide consultations in the area of information security management processes, risk analysis for IoT systems, OT and compliance with security standards and legislation.

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