TOTAL SERVICE has long provided services and products in the field of ICT and is a vendor with unique knowledge. Our trainings and their content are always based on real-world experience. We’ll be happy to prepare in-person and online trainings according to your needs.
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How it works?

Meeting with our specialists
We’ll prepare trainings on any topic that are tailored precisely to your company’s needs.
Training preparation
Our trainings always take current events and trends into consideration and are adapted to the target group.
Trainings and courses
The trainings themselves can be held online or in-person (in your offices or in third-party spaces).

Understandable for everyone
We know how to adapt trainings to a wide range of participants, from regular users to IT specialists.
Attractive formats
Trainings and presentations are held in an interesting and understandable way, which maximizes their benefits for users and your company.
Flexible content
We organize ICT trainings on essential and current topics, but we’re also ready to organize classes according to your requirements.

Possible education formats:

  • Seminars and trainings: These are an ideal choice for employee training. They usually last one day and you can select topics according to your needs.
  • Brunch: An attractive and informal way to gain information while at the same time establishing interpersonal relationships with colleagues from other companies and sectors.
  • Workshops: An ideal way to gain insight into issues. They include practical exercises in addition to theoretical parts.
  • Cybersecurity newsletters: An optimal choice for continual news and constantly-updated knowledge maintenance on cybersecurity. We can adapt the scope and targeting of your newsletter precisely according to your requirements.

Cybersecurity course

Did you know that the human element is the weakest link in your IT security? Introduce your employees to the basic principles of cybersecurity and proven procedures to maintain it, as well as the latest trends. We provide basic cybersecurity courses for regular IT users and advanced trainings for cyber workers.

Examples of topics: Social engineering and phishing, malware and user privacy, information security, OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities, HCL Domino for server administrators and users, overall best practices.

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