Backup and Disaster Recovery

We’re a well-known Veeam Cloud & Service Provider (VCSP) and offer solutions for the backup of your critical systems and more, through sales and license rental. We can save up to 30% of your costs.
Backup and Disaster Recovery
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How it works?

Analysis of the current status, scope and requirements for the backup and recovery of your systems.
Recommended solutions
Choose the right backup strategy and technology to suit your requirements.
This includes the subsequent testing of backup and recovery scenarios.
Backup and Disaster Recovery

High-speed recovery of systems or their parts
With low recovery time objectives (RTO) of less than 15 minutes.
Proven protection
We can create a Disaster Recovery scenario. The system then constantly checks the recoverability of every backup.
Making use of replicated data
Using backup data to create an exact copy of your operating environment in a geographically remote location decreases the risks related to deploying changes or upgrading applications.
Backup and Disaster Recovery


The right backup solution helps businesses achieve comprehensive data protection for ALL virtual, physical and cloud elements of infrastructure and services. In a single console, you’ve got rapid, flexible and reliable backup under your control, as well as the restoration and replication of the applications and data you choose.

You can achieve almost continuous data protection and easier infrastructure recovery by backing up data to the cloud – to our hosted environment, for example.

You can get rapid and secure backups with Veeam Cloud Connect, including full encryption that secures data during backup, transfer and after storage.

In addition to Veeam technology, we also provide solutions from other vendors, especially Veritas, Avamar and IBM.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Multiple layers of security

3-2-1-1-0 is one of the basic rules that can handle all accident scenarios. 3-2-1-1-0 means you should store three copies of data in two types of storage with one copy off-site and one copy off-line. And that assumes that there are zero backup errors.

Off-site backup storage can sometimes seem challenging due to data bandwidth limitations, rapid data growth and a lack of resources required to create or manage true off-site backup storage. Our solution takes these bottlenecks into account and eliminates them.

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