Next Generation Firewalling

Firewalls serve as the gateway to all of our clients’ ICT environments. This is why technologies must be used that provide organizations with sufficient cyber protection against attack attempts. Nowadays, next-generation firewalls handle this. In addition to separating wanted from unwanted traffic, these firewalls enable you to identify other, as yet unknown threats and protect your corporate ICT environment from them.
Next Generation Firewalling
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How it works?

ICT needs analysis
From the perspective of external traffic and firewall entrance gateways.
Selection of necessary equipment
We can evaluate suitable firewalls based on traffic measurements for maximum cybersecurity.
Administration and monitoring
After the implementation of the proposed solution, we provide monitoring, including event reporting.
Next Generation Firewalling

An advanced view of IT security
Thanks to advanced functions such as SSL inspection, application control and intrusion prevention, you’ll have a comprehensive view of your company’s IT security and will be even more able to prevent and avoid data loss.
Immediate notification when problems arise
When anomalies are detected in time, they can also be removed in a timely manner, thus preventing more serious situations. Our firewall monitoring service can help you with this. It records, evaluates and, above all, resolves events.
Which solutions do we recommend?
We are suppliers of proven brands such as Cisco, Fortinet, Checkpoint and Mikrotik.
Next Generation Firewalling

Scale-out solutions

A next-generation firewall (NGFW) not only blocks malware, but is also the way forward for future ICT infrastructure expansion and connection to multi-cloud solutions. This provides high flexibility in developing the infrastructure environment while maintaining a high degree of cybersecurity.

NGFWs provide deeper content inspection. These features identify attacks, malware and other threats and subsequently block them. Next generation firewalls are living entities that are actively developed by their manufacturers and supplemented with knowledge of security issues. Compared to original systems, administrators are able to detect a large number of potential threats and prevent them from occurring by using the right configuration.

Next Generation Firewalling

Why NGFW and not ordinary firewalls

Traditional firewalls provide static inspection of network traffic. They manage communications according to rules the administrator defines, such as source and destination address, port and communication protocol.

 NGFWs can also do this, but are capable of far more. As a rule, their added value is the ability to block advanced malware and application attacks. 

 Unlike standard firewall solutions, NGFWs offer:

  • Standard firewall features such as status monitoring
  • Integrated intrusion prevention
  • Awareness of applications and their control, and blocking risky applications
  • Sources of information on security threats
  • Extensibility for future information channels
  • Technical solutions evolving according to security threats

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