Endpoint security

We can set up security processes and policies in an organization to minimize any risk of data loss or misuse. We provide mobile and computer security and data protection in the company using DLP (Data Loss Prevention), MDM (Mobile Device Management) and EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management).
Endpoint security
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How it works?

Overview of current asset status
Implementing an appropriate inventory process.
Security policies
By properly setting policies, you eliminate the risks associated with data leakage and related impacts on your organization.
Simplified resource management
One package lets you solve everything related to the life cycle of resources entrusted to employees.
Endpoint security

Years of experience
Our unique knowledge is based on our long-term experience with DLP, MDM and EMM tools in our customers’ IT environments.
Data security at a glance
The DLP security tool also handles the inventory of all devices in use, including their detailed profiles.
No worries about data misuse
In the event of theft or loss of a mobile device, the system enables you to erase all its data remotely.
Endpoint security

Protecting sensitive data

We use the term “sensitive data” to refer to all documents containing personal data or company information. The most common causes of leaks include the uploading of company files to the cloud, sending sensitive data outside the organization or hardware loss or theft.

To prevent the transmission of information using a company’s own external devices, it’s a good idea to define and enable data security rules and policies for designated devices and their subsequent use. Using data encryption can prevent data leaks through loss or theft.

Endpoint security

Information security through Data Loss Prevention

Corporate Data Loss Protection (DLP) software establishes compliance with security rules when working with corporate documents.

Data protection is not limited to workstations only; it’s important to protect corporate and personal information on mobile devices as well. Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) is a grouping of policies, processes, technologies and tools that manage corporate mobile devices and information security within Mobile Device Management (MDM).

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