Security technology

We provide powerful IT security tools for your environment, log management and security information and event management (SIEM), which give you a complete overview of what is going on in your network, and which detect potential threats in a timely manner. Security monitoring services also tie into tools that actively prevent incidents.

We also operate a non-stop SOC (Security Operations Center) to ensure maximum cybersecurity.
Security technology
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How it works?

IT security analysis
We perform cybersecurity analyses and propose tailored solutions that include data security, networks, infrastructure and terminal devices.
Deployment of security technologies
Our implementation team will supply, install and restore the necessary software and hardware components of IT security in your environment.
IT security monitoring
We will report any security threats we identify to your IT manager. We combine security monitoring with Zabbix operational monitoring and our SOC service.
Security technology

Reducing the risk in the IT environment
Continuous monitoring and evaluation of logs from infrastructure and endpoint equipment helps to reveal security threats and detect incidents.
Option for forensic analysis of any event
The results of investigations can be used as evidence in criminal proceedings or as a basis for communication with supervisory authorities.
Support for your monitoring
If you want to operate your own cybersecurity monitoring, we can provide you with all the necessary training and monitoring scenarios, preventative and reactive measures.
Security technology

Log management – the basis of IT security

Unless you figure out how to store, archive and work with logs, it’s impossible to investigate cyber attacks carried out on your IT infrastructure, and therefore to reveal their perpetrators. Our services and products for log management are distinguished by how easy they are to implement in existing IT environments, including the possible connection of existing tools. This enables you to investigate any security incident.

Our HUGO security probe can also be a source for log management and network operations analysis; we can connect it to the specified network segment for the time you have requested.


Security technology

SIEM is a complete cybersecurity solution

The archiving and management of logs itself does not create a prerequisite for immediate or after-the-fact analyses. But their processing is a job for specialised software.

Our SIEM solution comprehensively deals with the collection and normalisation of data, as well as analyzing network operation.

SIEM can be deployed in companies and institutions of all sizes and specializations, where it captures traffic on multiple network layers in real time.

Response to detected incidents and threats is provided by an accredited CSIRT security team within the SOC service.

TOTAL SERVICE within SIEM also offers SOC solutions.

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