Integration platforms

We provide solutions for data and application integration, including professional management, security, 24x7 monitoring and expert development services. We offer professional IPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service).
Integration platforms
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How it works?

Delivery of integration platforms
On premise (HW+SW), as a service (IPaaS) and hybrid solutions.
Administration, monitoring
and integration platform security
Component administration, component monitoring, security monitoring.
Development services
and consulting
Programming, expert consultation, business analysis.
Integration platforms

IP Technology

An integration platform is defined as software that integrates other applications and services. It enables communication and cooperation between varied applications and programs with varied technological characteristics from varied suppliers.

We distinguish between several levels of application integration: Data, application interface, user interface and portals. The platform can also be used to unify and link existing integrations.

Thanks to the connection between the supervision service, the monitoring service and the Service Desk, we are able to guarantee reaction times and a proactive solution to events that arise. This increases the overall value, availability and security of all integrated application systems and the integration platforms themselves.

We provide support and development for the following technologies:

  • IBM DataPower Gateway
  • IBM Business Process Manager
  • IBM API Connect
  • IBM App Connect Enterprise
Integration platforms

Environment management
and supervision for IP components

Management and supervision services for IP components are set up to ensure that systems operate with a high degree of reliability and compliance with cyber protection requirements and with operational security of integrated data sets.

We guarantee uninterrupted IP operation with a high 99.9% availability and 24/7/365 mode.

We connect IP components to the Zabbix infrastructure monitoring system and the SIEM QRADAR security monitoring and Security Operation Center monitoring services.

We specialize in providing expert services for developing integrations between applications, API interfaces, data bridges and portals.

We also offer experienced business consultants as an independent consulting authority. This is not connected to supplier structures and enables objective setup and controls so that vendor lock-in by individual suppliers of key applications does not occur.

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