SIEM security monitoring and the SOC service

Our customers’ cybersecurity is handled by a team of specialists, analysts and certified IT security experts. The team is also responsible for our SOC (Security Operations Center). Our specialists form an internationally accredited CSIRT team (Computer Security Incident Response Team) dedicated to professional security incident resolution.
SIEM security monitoring and the SOC service
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How it works?

We analyze
We provide monitoring and analysis of incidents and threats inside and outside the customer’s IT infrastructure.
We research and react
Monitoring alone is not enough, which is why we are able to provide a rapid response in the event of an IT security threat.
We report our findings
The security team provides regular reports as well as those by request, and you will always be completely informed.
SIEM security monitoring and the SOC service

Extensive IT Security Experience
The TOTAL SERVICE Security Response Team is made up of professional analysts and security technology implementers who work for a wide client portfolio and who have deep experience with the way real IT security works.
All In One
Our services completely cover all areas of IT security. We operate a continuous SIEM service and a security monitoring center (SOC). These services lead to a significant risk reduction in the IT environment.
Support For Your Specialists
You can operate the SIEM solution we provide at your own expense, and we will provide your IT specialists with all the necessary training and documentation.
SIEM security monitoring and the SOC service

IT Security Solutions Must Be Comprehensive

The Security Response Team monitors security threats, responds to them effectively and resolves them. Our experts are familiar with attack vectors and methods of protecting against attacks, as well as corrective steps and preventive measures to avoid future incidents.

Rapid reaction, problem isolation and resolution, and the ability to adapt cyber protection to evolving risks all serve to protect your investment and your company’s trouble-free operation.

SIEM security monitoring and the SOC service

Monitoring is not enough

Although our Security Response Team closely monitors events in our customers’ IT infrastructures using state-of-the-art monitoring and analytical technologies, monitoring alone is not enough any more.

That’s why we’re ready to take care of your security from A to Z.

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