Where do we help

At TOTAL SERVICE we try to help everywhere it is needed. We know that we are far from helping everybody, so we are looking for interesting projects in which our help will truly be needed. See where we are helping at the moment.
Where do we help

KlaPeto – Kateřina Klasnová and Jaroslav Petrouš’ endowment fund

We support the endowment fund KlaPeto that provides contributions to severely disabled children up to 18 years old on a long-term basis, both financially and through personal participation.

During its existence, KlaPeto raised an incredible 6 million CZK and helped dozens of disabled children. The contributions go mainly to neurorehabilitation stays, as well as medical and compensatory aids, which are not covered in full by health insurance.


logo KlaPeto


KlaPeto’s history dates back to 2011 when handicapped athlete Jaroslav Petrouš underwent voluntary amputation of his left leg due to unbearable pain. This experience led Jaroslav to decide to help others, so less than two years later he climbed the highest Czech mountain for little Simonka. This event launched a traditional charity event that attracts thousands of people each year – both healthy and handicapped. The first two years of climbing Sněžka took place with a nonprofit initiative Cesta za snem (The Path to a Dream) but Jaroslav wanted to establish his own organization where all collected contributions would be used to help children. This was how KlaPeto was created.

And who is behind the KlaPeto foundation? The name is a compound of two names – Klasnová and Petrouš. The endowment fund, together with Jaroslav, was founded by the former vice-president of the Chamber of Deputies who spent years fighting for the rights of the severely disabled. She was thrilled by the idea of helping through her own organization. Together with Jaroslav, she climbed Sněžka for Simonka and Péťa, and in 2015, they were already organizing a climb for Vojtíšek. This was followed by Lilienka, Pavlínka, Matýsek, Evča and Fíla.


More information about the project can be found on the official website www.klapeto.eu.



We also regularly support the annual Stop Zevling sports and cultural festival, which takes place in Prague at the Černý Most housing estate. The main idea and mission of the festival is to support children and young people in their active leisure time. It leads them to sports, creating their own projects and interest in the environment in which they live.

The beginnings of the festival date back to 2007. Thanks to massive advertising and a rich accompanying program this festival has gone beyond the housing estate and Prague 14 and is visited annually by up to 3 500 people.

Stop Zevling creates a sports, leisure, and cultural program for the target group of children, youth, families, and other people – not only middle-aged.

Detailed information about the festival and specific program can be found on the official website www.stopzevling.cz



Adopting a Nestor Kea in Prague ZOO

Our Security Response Team has become a proud adoptive parent of a Nestor Kea, the only alpine parrot in the world, 4 specimens of which can be seen at the Prague ZOO. Its name was given to it by its piercing cry ‘kii-a kii-a’.

This parrot is known for its playfulness, curiosity, and intelligence as well as for supplementing its diet with animal proteins in the form of small vertebrates, carcasses, and even sheep fat. It is not afraid to visit housing or camp areas and feed on garbage – or even beg for something to eat. No wonder, because it lives in high mountain areas where there is very little food available in winter and it is not very nutritious.

Read more about Nestor Kea’s life:



Nestor Kea


Tomáš Trojan

We have noticed a promising racer Tomáš Trojan who has been involved in quad cross sports since he was three. For almost three years he has been racing in the higher class 450 cc + among adults.

In 2019, he tested 4 races of the International Championship of the Czech Republic where he was able to keep up with racers around 10th position out of a total of 25 starters.

Thanks to his good results, he became a member of the Sajdkarkos club Benátky nad Jizerou and Bobeš team quad. https://www.facebook.com/tomas.trojan.520


Tomáš Trojan

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