Monitoring and Management of Infrastructure and Data Centers

The monitoring team entrusted with ICT monitoring tracks the operational status of your ICT infrastructure, applications and backups. We protect your business by continuously evaluating the status of your systems and predicting errors, which leads to the prevention of outages.
Monitoring and Management of Infrastructure and Data Centers
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How it works?

IT system analysis
Analysis of monitored elements and assessment of key components in your infrastructure and data centers.
Design and deployment of IT monitoring
Definition of monitored elements, setting dependencies, monitoring parameters and appropriate threshold values.
Final settings
Setting notification methods, their escalation and subsequent processes. Report configuration and data visualisation.
Monitoring and Management of Infrastructure and Data Centers

Current overview
Monitoring systems handle data collection, data processing (i.e. calculations, aggregation), and data visualization.
Immediate notification when problems arise
Detecting anomalies in time also enable their timely removal and prevention of more serious situations.
Outage prevention
Outages can be prevented thanks to the appropriate setting of threshold values for monitored parameters, which can trigger warnings or automatic actions.
Monitoring and Management of Infrastructure and Data Centers

Our IT monitoring

We provide operational monitoring using the Zabbix open source monitoring tool, which enables the monitoring of availability and performance of IT infrastructure technologies and application systems. The monitoring tool is operated on the customer’s network in a virtual or physical Zabbix proxy server, which sends encrypted data for evaluation to a central server in the TOTAL SERVICE monitoring center.

ICT elements that can be monitored include: Network devices, virtualisation platforms, database systems, web services, application services, hardware components, network availability, etc.

We are one of Zabbix’s Czech technology partners and have constantly improved and expanded the tool since 2009. We also combine outputs from IT operational monitoring with outputs from SIEM security monitoring.

We have successfully integrated specialised software for monitoring the status of Oracle databases (Orabix, TSMON) into our monitoring system.


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